Negotiate With / Not Against

Reduce legal costs.

End workplace drama.

Create valuable business partnerships.

Get back to business.

Mike Heilbronner mediates conflicts and facilitates negotiations.


Clients agree he achieves results using business acumen and leadership skills:


Mike is direct and honest, and he is passionate about confronting difficult issues and helping clients define success.


Mike asks insightful questions to see the “big picture,” clarify core interests, and identify the root causes of complex problems.


Mike is business-minded and pragmatic. He helps clients prioritize goals, relationships, and resources.


Mike builds trust by listening consciously, communicating plainly, and working collaboratively.


Legal Mediation:  Unlock deadlock with creative, cost-efficient, and practical settlements.


Workplace Mediation:  Dismantle workplace drama and get back to business.


Negotiation Facilitation:  Build trusting, mutually beneficial business partnerships.


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