Mike Heilbronner mediates legal and business conflicts, and he facilitates negotiations that achieve lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships.

A core principle of Mike’s work is that, “negotiating with, not against” saves valuable financial and human resources and achieves win-win outcomes.  In contrast, too often, conflict and negotiations are viewed as zero-sum games that strain resources and are not aligned with broader strategic goals and objectives.

Legal Mediation:  Unlock deadlock with creative, cost-efficient, and practical settlements.

As a mediator, Mike is dedicated to helping parties save time and money with sensible settlements that eliminate the risks and stress of litigation.


Mike invests the time necessary to understand the parties’ interests and bottom-line concerns, and he strives to help clients make the difficult judgment calls necessary to resolve disputes.

Workplace Mediation:  Dismantle workplace drama and get back to business.

Founder, co-owner, and other workplace conflicts erode productivity,  accountability, motivation, and trust. Mistrust, drama, and gossip thrive when companies resist difficult conversations.


These problems don’t go away on their own.


Mike helps business leaders communicate thoughtfully and effectively to align their interests with the company’s goals and lessen the costs of conflict.

Negotiation Facilitation:  Build trusting, mutually beneficial business partnerships.

Mike believes in win-for-all solutions between businesses, and he has seen first-hand the success achieved when business partners invest in each others’ success.


Partnerships flourish with well defined roles and responsibilities and clear communication about goals, objectives, challenges, and vulnerabilities.


As a negotiation facilitator, Mike helps potential partners negotiate transparently, without withholding important information about limitations and expectations.

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